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Of course, any Allison framily personal page has to start with pictures of our granddaughters. Actually, it's almost entirely pictures of our granddaughers!

Emma is the oldest. Miah is the youngest by 361 days.

Emma started kindergarten this year. Miah misses her allot, but she has to wait until next year.

Grandpa and his girls (and one pathetic plant).

Best Friends

"The Todd's" goofing off.

Happy holidays everyone!

There is a new member to "The Todd's" family. Odie is a Brussel's Griffon. Todd says he looks like a guinea pig running around the house! The family has sort of adopted a "no ask, no tell" with respect to the Barbie doll.

Mike got a digital camera for Christmas 2004. I've been trying to find a hobby for his for years, and I think this is it!

That's it for now! Bye!


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