From time to time, those who come across AllisonArt's pages wish to know if these images are available for sale. Yes, they are. Inkjet prints; posters; photographic prints; lightjet; lambda; and Giclée prints are all available for special orders. Prints are available on watercolor paper; canvas; matte paper; and high gloss paper. Prices are dependent on the size of the image, and the processing format you choose. Inkjets and photographic prints start at $12 plus shipping and handling (minimum of $5). Large, archivable prints (lightjet, lambda, and Giclée ) are in the hundreds of dollars. Posters are somewhere inbetween. Send an email to either
with your specific needs and we'll talk about the best way to meet those needs.

Free AllisonArt screensavers are available here. Please grab one, or all four.

AllisonArt_26_800x600 has 25 images, plus an opening page that provides identity information. The images are 800x600, and the file size is accordingly smaller (about 2MB). The images will expand to fit the resolution at which your monitor is set, but any size greater than 800x600 will lose some definition.

There is also an AllisonArt_26_1600x1200 screensaver that is identical in every way, except it will appear on a 1028x768 or a 1600x1200 monitor without loss of definition. It is roughly 8MB.

The third screensaver, AllisonArt_51_800x600, that includes 50 images plus an opening page. It is under 4MB.

The fourth screensaver, AllisonArt_51_1600x1200, that includes 50 images plus an opening page. It is under 15MB.

Custom screensavers are available for a fee. Please contact for additional information.

Some AllisonArt images were included in a fractal exhibition that is touring Europe and, prior to that, another exhibiton that toured South America. There are fractals created by several talented artists in the exhibition. Not all the images displayed in these links are AllisonArt images:
The Frontier between Art and Science, Spain 2000;
The Frontier between Art and Science, Salamanca;
The Fractal Alhambra Project, a special project when the exhibition was in Granada;
Frontier between Art and Science, France
Frontier between Art and Science, Belgrade and Vienna (Click on the building photos)

Fractal artist Tina Oloyede was invited to take part in a touring exhibition with workshops on board Kent County Council's Arts Bus as part of theie "Arts in Motion" project in England. The exhibition featured her art, but she graciously invited 16 other artists, including Linda Allison, to contribute work to the presentation gallery in the form of a slide show of fractals. It was very exciting for everyone involved. To learn more about this project, visit Tina's pages at:

At the Edge of Infinity

In addition to prints suitable for hanging on the wall, here are some examples of other AllisonArt images used commercially:

Our images are now available on illumilamps. They make great presents, and are a wonderful way to set a mood, or preserve a memory. Tell Hollie we sent you!

On book covers:

On posters:

On manuals and catalogs:

On CD covers:

In every "Fractal Universe" calendar since 1999. Each calendar includes images by several different fractal artists. Work on the 2008 calendar is in process right now.

Two examples are:

and in other galleries and fine art exhibitions.

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